Imagine how successful we would be as individuals and as a nation if we could stop child abuse. Child abuse robs children of the ability to speak up, speak out, and live happy, joyous lives. Child abuse drastically affects children’s future, often reducing their motivation to become healthy, productive, and employable citizens. The dream to stop child abuse is why child abuse awareness is at the center of Rhonda Sciortino’s divine mission and ministry.

Here are some alarming statistics about child abuse and the reasons to stop child abuse altogether:

  • Most children enter the foster care system due to reports of child abuse or abandonment.
    • Nearly half of all children in foster care have chronic medical problems.
    • About half of children under five years old in foster care have developmental delays.
    • Up to 80 percent of all children in foster care have serious emotional problems.
  • According to Foster Care Alumni of America, there are an estimated 12 million former foster youth in the United States today.
  • Every year another 26,000 or so young people age-out of the foster care system.
  • Research has shown that teens aging out of the system are highly likely as adults to experience homelessness, poor health, unemployment, incarceration, and other poor outcomes.
  • All too often former foster children live a life barely above poverty and desperation.
  • The Understanding Homeless Youth Project estimates that there are 1.6 – 1.7 million youth between the ages of 12-17 homeless in the U.S.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Many survivors of difficult childhoods, like Rhonda, have carved out good and decent lives for themselves. It’s not that the successful survivors are smarter, luckier, or better looking. And it’s certainly not that they have won the lottery. There are specific, identifiable, and measurable skills that they’ve used to survive and to thrive. And those skills can be learned and developed.

There are so many kids who desperately need help, so Rhonda’s goal is to gather support for them. The Successful Survivors Foundation is a non-profit organization created to collaborate with public and private child welfare organizations, the faith-based community, business and community leaders, and schools throughout the country to provide the work ethic and character building training and mentoring that former foster youth need to acquire the qualities necessary for success in life.

With your help we can change the disheartening statistics in a very short period of time. An investment in the life of a young adult now will produce a self-supporting citizen in just a few short years. Your generous support will allow us to create child abuse awareness programs and hopefully stop child abuse from taking away the higher calling and lifetime success of each child.

No matter how large or small, your generous donation answers the call to stop the damaging long-term effects of child abuse. Support the Successful Survivors Foundation today with a donation of any amount.
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