The total annual cost of child abuse and neglect in the United States for just one year was estimated to be over $80 billion . When you factor in the costs on our society of lost productivity, lost tax revenue, and the immeasurable cost of despair and despondency of adult victims of childhood abandonment, abuse, and neglect, the estimated costs grow exponentially.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are many adult victims of trauma who have created good lives for themselves. Rather than overcoming adversity being the exception to the rule, The Successful Survivor Foundation exists to help survivors of adversity mine the lessons from their painful experiences and use those lessons to their advantage. For example, abandonment can lead to self-reliance, poverty can develop resourcefulness, and learning to survive abuse fosters resilience.

Successful Survivors Foundation, a 501 © 3 organization, seeks to collaborate with public and private child welfare organizations, churches, and community and business leaders throughout the United States to help current and former foster kids move from survival to success, and ultimately to significance. This is done through the YOUR REAL SUCCESS PROGRAM, which helps participants identify strengths, skills, talents, abilities, and coping mechanisms and how their unique combination of those assets can find and fill needs in the community. Participants learn how to succinctly communicate their assets to potential employers and prospective clients.

Imagine our country as a place where victims of abuse no longer saw themselves as victims, but as the strong, resourceful, resilient people they are! By helping survivors of trauma see themselves in a better light, and by connecting them to a community of people who believe in their potential, they will make better decisions, the results of which could

▪ Reduce homelessness
▪ Reduce unemployment
▪ Reduce trafficking
▪ Reduce dependency on entitlements
▪ Reduce self-medication
▪ Reduce self-medication
▪ Improve educational outcomes
▪ Improve physical and mental health of survivors
▪ End the cycles of poverty and abuse

We’re stronger together!

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