Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through – Synopsis

Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through

I decided to write this book when I noticed so many people struggling in their relationships and finances.

It occurred to me that perhaps sharing my perspective could be just the key that unlocks the psychological padlocks of some who are trapped in a life of desperation or mediocrity as a result of adversity. Hopefully, when I communicate where I came from, where I am today, and what principles worked for me, it will make a difference in your life or that of someone you care about.

I never planned to tell anyone about my childhood, much less write a book, talk about it on television, and speak to groups of total strangers! I couldn’t imagine the point of reliving an ugly past. I’ve left out the names of my biological parents, but should they read this and identify themselves on these pages, I hope they won’t feel badly. I’ve totally forgiven them. I harbor no anger, bitterness, or resentment toward them, and I don’t want them to feel any guilt about what happened all those years ago. They’ve probably carried around a lifetime of guilt. Nothing can be gained by adding to that.

This is not a book filled with the story of shocking, gory child abuse that resulted in a lifetime of misery. Despite the dramatic stories that have been publicized through print and movies, the majority of victims of child abuse, neglect, abandonment, or molestation go on quietly with our lives, hoping that no one will pick the scabs off of our barely concealed wounds. Often, the fractured memories of painful experiences lie just below the surface and often trigger anger, frustration, or depression, leaving others wondering why we are overreacting.

Read this book and prepare to reach for and create a better life for yourself or for someone you care for who lives with the pain of their past. I’ve included here what I believe is necessary to achieve financial prosperity and, more importantly, good relationships, health, hope, and the incomparable satisfaction that comes from finding and fulfilling your purpose.

Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through will help you see yourself in a way that you may never have before – as a skilled, talented, educated adult able to handle circumstances that would knock most people down and maybe out. Whatever adversity you’ve experienced is what qualifies you to fulfill your specific purpose.

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